High quality training and education is fundamental to a proficient electrolysist. Although the BAE is not primarily an education body a practical assessment and theory examination are necessary to become a BAE member. Training with a BAE tutor may be available in your area.

A comprehensive syllabus and suggested reading list is provided to assist with preparation for the theory knowledge required. A mentor will also be available by phone to answer any queries you may have.

For those who have previously achieved a recognised epilation qualification the process will be familiar. If it has been many years since your last assessment then a chat with your mentor will alleviate any concerns. If you feel you need a ‘refresher’ prior to the entrance assessment then your mentor may be able to arrange a helpful workshop or provide specific training.

The BAE is committed to maintaining a high standard of practice and knowledge for all its members and includes educational articles and ‘brain teasers’ as part of the bi-monthly 'Probe' magazine. Continual professional development is expected and members are encouraged to attend seminars and regional workshops. Our AGM provides a very successful forum for topical discussion and exchange of ideas amongst the experienced and newer members. Guest speakers at the seminar are always exciting bringing the most up to date and knowledge and information to our attention.

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